What a great visit!

Mama’s eyes were open when I arrived and what a difference it appears to have made! She was alert and lively for most of my visit. Ms. Othello was, fortunately, asleep for most of our visit, so we had minimal interruptions from the peanut gallery. 😉 Really, Ms. Othello is a sweet heart.

Here is a link to a video of my visit today … https://youtu.be/pOJKJouJXAE



Though hard to rouse …

Though hard to rouse, Mama was finally able to wake and have a nice visit this morning. Mrs. Othello, sweet lady sitting next to Mama, answered every question I asked of Mama and so she and I had a nice visit too. Two visits for time cost of one! 😉

My heart aches for my darling wife and the French and Smith families. May remembrances of Betty Ellis and Mike Smith remind us of all our blessings and our shared loved this advent season.

Here is a link to a video of my visit today … https://youtu.be/4ft8hRIotqU

The “Mama” video playlist is here … Mama



Breakfast at OPC

Sat with Mama while she ate breakfast this morning. It was nice to be with her whilst she was awake and bright eyed, but not amongst the rest of the diners in a crowded dining room. Not much interaction to speak of, but she was happy and apparently feeling good.

Over the last few weeks I have posted a couple new videos of Mama, at the link below.


As I always post these updates at http://dolorespylant.com, you can always find photos and links from these email updates there.

Hope this email finds you all doing extraordinarily well! Katherine, Allison and I are doing fine. This weekend we’ll be with friends, all walking for MS, which should be fun.