Mama was quite talkative, but not in a very good place …

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Yesterday reminded me a bit of how Mama was acting when last she was in the hospital. Incoherent and impassioned sentences that resulted in her appearing either mad or sad, or both.

It was not that I could not get her to smile, it was that I had to. Most often over the last some months, she was smiling when first she saw me. Yesterday was markedly different and left me wondering if her meds were off. Maybe she was just having a “bad day”.

I did not make these observations to any staff person.

Mama definitely brightened when Katherine showed up.

Side not … Women got it going on over men in this area. I expect the nature of carrying the potential to be a mother comes with it the bonus of a natural affinity for the same sex. In my experience, the only natural response to the same sex that men carry is, “Can I take this guy?” Most, if not near all, men quite easily get beyond this initial and most basic response.

Katherine was the highlight of our visit and brought sorely needed reprieve from a less than satisfying visit to that point.

Again… Not fair! Girls always get to be highlight! Ah… that’s OK… boys get to be bad, and not get into too much trouble! 😉




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