Mama is thriving at OPC …

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Mama was bright/wide eyed and watching a busy room intently when I arrived. She was happy to see me and we had the most refreshing visit I have enjoyed in a good while.

On Sunday, May 8th, I’ll attend a Mother’s Day celebration at OPC. I am going to support the facility (OPC) and family members of other residents. Also, I am going for myself, so I might see her face as fun things happen around  her.  She is so childlike and I do so love kids. Sadly, it is my opinion that Mama will have forgot the whole thing before I reach my truck. “It’s the circle of life Simba.”

Here’s to all you mothers out there. May those around you realize the blessing each of you brought to them, life! Yeah, yeah, men play a part in bringing a child to this world, but it is a bit part at best. They promptly go off, rightfully so, to kill something for dinner, whilst mothers take to the task of keeping the bairn alive til the knuckle dragger drops meat on the kitchen counter. 😉




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