Mama is quite mobile these days!

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She still struggles some getting up to the walker, but once ensconced behind it, she is quite comfortable and gets around really well.

We has a so-so visit as she was seemingly preoccupied in her own thoughts and less likely to follow, and laugh at, my stories. Well you know that made my visit less fun! 😉

She did get respond pretty well to my telling of how much I looked forward to coming in the house on my homecoming form school in the afternoons …

One of my fondest memories as a boy was the mild exhilaration I experienced walking from home from school in the afternoons anticipating what Mama would be preparing for our evening meals. While there were disappointments to be certain … Anyone else thinking “liver” at this point? … on many of those days, I walked in to the smell of meatloaf, teen-bean-bake, salmon croquets, etc. So many meals that Mama cooked were plain, simple and healthy, but over the years they, nearly all, became tasty favorites for me. Looking back on it today, I am amazed at the steadfastness in meal prep and general housekeeping required to maintain a household of seven people. To be certain, the girls I know were a big help to her by the time my synapses were able to connect sufficiently that I retain those memories today. In all the years living in her house, even as an adult, I cannot remember her exhibiting frustration, disappointment in her lot in life. As always, she remains an inspiration to me today.

These days I still eat many of those meals, in no small way by way of one a clever, thoughtful and loving gift my Katherine received as a wedding gift. Well, the gift likely has her name, or perhaps both our names on it, but the gift keeps on giving and I have been the primary recipient! The telling of that story is for another day, but I’ll finish with a clue … in context, the giver is neither old nor young! 😉




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