Mama was loving that baby!


Mama was holding her “baby” when I arrived and was as cute as a little kid. As has happened in the past, she also got weepy over her baby at times. It seems the baby dolls are definitely stimulating, but I am not sure I like it all that much. Reckon ups and downs in a day are better than an emotionally “flat” day.

Her sweetness on this day was reminiscent of Dad during his final days. Good stuff!

I witnessed a sweet interaction between Mama and a staff person. Wish I knew her name, it might be Ayeesha. They had been talking before I arrived and she stopped by to say something to Mama and the tender interaction between the two was heartening. Nice stuff for a loving son to witness! I must remember to acknowledge Ayeesha when I next see her.

Hope this message finds you all, especially Linda, doing extraordinarily well!




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