Eating a candy cane when Katherine and I arrived …


Mama was eating a candy cane when Katherine and I arrived. She was in good spirits and we had fun and laughter filled visit.

We talked about what a good mama she was and I told her about one of strongest memories of her from back in my early school days.

Back when I used to walk home from school I would always be hungry and therefor was always supposing what might be for supper that night. My pace might quicken as I thought about it because I knew as soon as I open the front door, I likely would know what supper was. When you cook supper for five you best start early and most days the supper’s aroma would be wafting throughout the house. On a good day, good for me at least, I’d be greeted with the smell of meatloaf, or maybe something frying, like round steak. Those were better than good days, they were great! On other days, less great, I might be greeted by something like liver and onions. Yuck! Now some days I’d open the door and be in a quandary when I’d be greeted by something that smelled okay, or I might even know what it was, but then I had to consider what sides might come with that meal. When you are a kid, sides can bring down even the best meals! Who in their right mind offers spinach to kid? Or worse, no not worse … nothing is worse than spinach …, boiled yellow squash. That stuff would gag a maggot!

Anyway, she really got a kick out of our visit and cried, just a little bit, when I bragged so hard on her cooking, day in and day out, for seven folks and did such a fine job of it. I bragged on how the product of someone’s effort is always commiserate with the effort and care that went into the production. And how no one is likely to do a good job at something they don’t like doing. Well she routinely put very fine meals on our supper table and I loved her cooking.

Allison has a new ride she likes a lot, Katherine has some very exciting news, which I will leave you to find out about on your own (God has Shown His Grace on us yet again!), brother George shot me a spike deer so we now have meat in the freezer, yep … were are blessed and highly favored!!!

Well that’s about it I reckon. Hope this finds you healthy and happy.




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