Mama and I had such fun!


I would be remiss should I not first wish fair Katherine happy birthday!

Mama and I had such fun! While she was getting her hair cut, I told lots of funny stories and made Mama, the hair dresser and the other patrons laugh, laugh, laugh! πŸ™‚

My favorite story today was about the time she shot the big buck …

Being late in the year and having had only one doe tag left between them, George and Dolores hatched a plan by which they might each hunt their own stand, thereby doubling the odds of killing a deer, and still ensure they avoided killing too many deer.

The plan laid out like this … When they hit the pipeline, one would go left, the other right, each to a stand known for producing lots of doe, and well within earshot of a fired rifle. When either shot, the other would be on alert and watchful for the other to appear on an intervening hilltop where they would give a signal indicating “doe down”. The signal on that day was a simple wave of a cap. In the case no deer was “down”, no one would ascend the hill and the hunt would progress. Clearly this plan left room for error, which all fun plans do!

As it turn out, the plan without a hitch, sort of. Shortly after getting settled on her stand, Dolores looks up and out steps a massive twelve point buck! She promptly put down her book, raised her rifle, and shot it dead’ner a door knob!

Given her kill was lying dead where she shot it, Dolores fell out of her stand on a dead run for the top of the hill. She was so overly excited upon her arrival at the hilltop she totally forgot the agreed to signal and rather began to dance like a three year old girl having just received her first Barbie doll. She jumped, she twisted, she hollered, she laughed, she did all, except wave her cap. George, being none too dumb, figured something had happened for which he should likely go investigate.

Likely, back in the day, you saw the shoulder mount of this deer hanging on George and Dolores’ wall. What a buck! What a great story!

Mama stayed with me all the while I was telling this story and got a real kick out of it! The other women in the parlor seemed to enjoy it too. πŸ™‚

Hope this finds you fit as a fiddle and happy as a clam. ’til next time pardners.



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