Mama’s demeanor is a bit of a crap shoot these days …


Mama’s demeanor is a bit of a crap shoot these days. Early in the week she was in very high spirits and so much fun to sit with. Thanksgiving Day was … okay, I’ll say/share it … the exact opposite. No fun for sure.

Mama’s demeanor on Thanksgiving may have been a reaction to who was surrounding her. While she has never, in my lifelong experience with her, demonstrated any level of prejudice, she has also never been subjected a constant stream of only being around people of color, mainly blacks, ever in her life. Currently, all residents of OPC (Optimum Personal Care) are black. On Thanksgiving Day, all visitors, excepting me, were black. All staff, on that day, were black. Relative to Mama’s demeanor, none of this may be in play, but it was something I noted for myself.

About those residents and staff … Residents and staff are all lovely people and I have only ever experienced, what appears to me, genuine smiles both coming and going. Perhaps due to its size, I have never experienced a more positive and welcoming facility.

Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving Day and that life continues to lay on you things for which thanksgivings are due! 😉




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