Mama was a bit troubled today …


Mama was a bit troubled today. There is no way of knowing why, but she was more vocal today than she has been in a long time. She was very attentive, but interrupted often with serious responses, of course seemingly out of context to whatever I was saying. Something was weighing on her and getting a smile out of her was more challenging than normal. I, being the fool I am, was able to pull a few out here and there. 😉

One occasion that elicited a smile was my telling of how Dad always said Mama’s pancakes were “average” …

Never fail, on a weekend morning when Mama would serve us pancakes … oh, but I could write such a narrative on how excited a little boy could be on such an occasion! … never fail, Dad would exclaim, “Their average!” It was only in later years that I understood that his estimate of her pancakes was that her “average” pancakes were far superior to any in all the world! 🙂 But, I remember being so frustrated by his comment because I knew they were MUCH better than average, indeed they were THE BEST! Especially on that given morning. Sometimes being the youngest is not all that it is cracked up to be.

Of course I went on to brag on her culinary skills and how for so many years she managed a household of seven folks and kept us all fed. To this day, I am in awe of Martha Dolores Winston Pylant!

Hope this dispatch finds you fit and fancy!



P.S. Hope this finds dear Linda Kay mending nicely and in no discomfort!!!!


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