She is feeling just fine and looks great!


Had fun with Mama this week. She is feeling just fine and looks great!

Using her walker we moved ourselves to a more private spot for visiting, though not so far as to not still be interrupted, and enjoyed ourselves.

I got to talking about me as a little boy and related the following memory with her …

We, me and Barb in the back of a black sedan with Mama driving, were going down OST perhaps, likely after having been to the grocery store. Mama was wearing a short sleeve blouse (do short sleeves on a woman’s shirt make it a blouse?) with the sleeves rolled up to her mid-bi-cep, she was wearing sunglasses, smoking a cigarette, and singing to the radio. She moved to flip her cigarette out the window and flinched when her arm inadvertently touched the blazing hot car window sill. She was obviously carefree and happy. With all that smoking and singing, she was not likely chewing gum, but memories of her “cracking” her gum, which impressed me tremendously and which I dearly loved to hear, also flooded my mind, so I mentioned this as well. Her demeanor was bewitching for me and I loved her as much in that moment as ever I have. She was my Mama and she was, to employ a more modern euphemism, ‘da bomb!

Another collection of memories surrounding Mama involves her whistle, which also absolutely enthralled me. I remember intently watching her mouth as she whistled to the radio and this is what lead to my first attempts at whistling and likely why I whistle to the radio myself today.

Martha Dolores Pylant is a fascinating woman!




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