She walks!


She walks! Yesterday I learned that Mama is now able to raise herself to a walker and move herself about with relative ease.

As I was at the end of my visit when this was revealed to me, I did not stick around to witness this new ability but was assured of it by Loretta, Mrs. Day and Becky. Mrs. Day (all of 25 years old) and Becky are new and both seem very nice.

It also appears we have a couple of new residents. As I was leaving the staff were gathering residents for an exercise session.

Mama was laying on her side in an easy chair, apparently napping, when I arrived. I mirrored her position in an adjacent chair and thus we reminded for the duration of our visit. It made for a very tender and intimate visit.

Mama was actually not napping at all and was immediately alert, was in good spirits and we had a fun and, as is my wont, silly time together.

My headline story this week was a rerun of the time when Katherine said to her friend, while pointing at me, “You see that fella over there taking? I’m gonna marry that man!” And, obviously, she was right!

This in a nut shell is the epitome of who is Katherine Jean Ellis Pylant. She is headstrong, brash, knowledgeable, and above all capable. She is also a conundrum in that at the same time she is emotionally and spiritually pliant, socially generous, and recognizes that not only she wears pants in our family. Heck, that girl had not yet even met me! Her judgment was based solely on my sharing in meetings we both routinely attended. Looking back on it, I will equate it to that feeling you get when watching a video of a puppy struggling to get out of a box. In reality though, she was witnessing a man unashamedly struggling to come to grips with himself and life. A man who was trying to save himself from himself. Unbeknownst to us both at the time, she helped save me with those words, and perhaps herself too. Oh my, what a cherished treasure she is to me.




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