Mama sure seems to be more alert these days …


To me, Mama sure seems to be more alert these days, even if she is no more cognizant of who I am. She is bright-eyed, speaks clearly and is opinionated. When initiating conversation she rarely, if ever, makes any sense, but I am very agreeable nonetheless.

While visiting yesterday, Loretta (staff person) came and sat with us and began working on Mama’s nails. I suspect she did this so she might take advantage of my distracting Mama thus allowing her to make significant progress on cutting her nails and removing polish. Loretta seems very nice and appears is attentive to the residents.

I finished removing Mama’s nail polish as best I could. The red polish seems to have stained her nails, perhaps because it had been on too long. Given my past efforts at applying nail polish, I suggest someone other than me paint her nails.

Mama was occasionally upset by something she had either done, or not done, when she was 12 years old and repeatedly cautioned me that she had been bad and I had better watch out. She would be visibly upset/angry making fists balled up, as she is oft to do. I would gently chide her but then also assure her she had nothing on her plate that need worry her and that all was well in the world for her and me. She liked that and would be her “normal” rosy self for a bit.

At one point she mentioned she might have to spank me. This was a great segue for to say, “I am not worried about you spanking me one bit ‘cuz you are no good at it!” She was quite surprised to hear this and enjoyed my story about the time she tried spanking me and Barb. This was when/where we unconvincingly tried to “fake cry” so she could stop spanking one, or both, of us and ended up with all three of us laughing. It may have been the first time I had a sense of being a peer with my Mama. We laughed at, and with, one another. She enjoyed the story as much as did the telling of it. Maybe I’ll write that one up too and post it on her WordPress site.

Life continues apace with the times in Meadows Place and we are all relatively healthy and happy.

Hope this message finds you doing extraordinarily well!



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