Happy Birthday Dolores!!!!

Katherine made cupcakes and we sang Happy Birthday to and with Mama yesterday. She sang along and thoroughly enjoyed her cupcake!


While Mama ate her cupcake I was amazed at her display of dexterity and steady hand. She took 6-8 bites to finish her cupcake and, having never dropped a crumb, after the last bite licked the small amount of icing that remained on her fingers. Very deftly done! Certainly better than I could, if I had the patience. The cupcakes were after all about 30 minutes old, moist, with cream cheese frosting, and eaten by me in maximum two bites! 🙂

We left 15-20 cupcakes for the activity director to share with Mama’s house mates today.

While waiting for the elevator to go up we gave the “nurse”, and attractive young black woman, I forget her name, one of the cupcakes. She knew who I was, the guy that brings cookies, and knew who Mama was, Mrs. Dolores. Seems my bribery campaign has paid some dividends, if nothing more than my own fame.

Mama was in fine spirits and we had fun looking at pictures of her and Dad (she asked about her husband) talking about her. I always steer conversation back to her for this is what is most pleasing to us all, the sound of our name and being the topic of conversation. This definitely works on her. Like a little kid, willing, unsuspecting and transparent.

Let’s all give Mama a virtual Happy Birthday … “Happy Birthday Dolores!!!!!”



P.S.  If this email does not display pictures, read this article here:  https://dolorespylant.com/2015/09/16/happy-birthday-dolores/


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