Very alert and animated

Found Mama being staged, with other residents, for dinner yesterday afternoon and asked Juliette if I could “steal” her. When I walked in front of Mama (in her wheelchair) she said, “I heard that!” She was grinning and thought it quite funny. 🙂

We had a great, albeit relatively short, visit. She was very alert and animated. I wonder a couple of things … 1) Has the reduction of medications caused her to be more alert? 2) Has immobility limited her capacity to take herself to bed, and so resulted in her being more alert? No matter why, she has been alert, and with a more positive attitude over my last couple visits.

At one point during our visit she had a rejoinder that amused herself and she laughed heartily. I laughed along with her though having no clue as to what we were laughing about. We leaned into one another, touching foreheads and relax as we chuckled it out. It was a heartfelt fun moment and will stay with me for some time I expect.

Hope this fins all doing extraordinarily well!




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