Hamptons staff genuinely happy to have Mama back

Mama seemed to be her old self yesterday afternoon. Engaging and easy to laugh. We had a nice visit with me doing most of the talking and her doing most of the laughing.

The Hamptons staff seemed genuinely happy to have Mama back in residence. That felt nice.

Mama was in a wheel chair, out of her room and amongst the other residents. I suspect since she is no longer walking she will be in her wheel chair and out in the common areas a lot more than she has been in the past. She will no longer be able to “crawl up in the bed”, so to speak. Nothing wrong there, in my opinion.

I received a text message from Sharron early this morning that Mama had fallen again and after being found was transmitted to the ER. Appears all is well as they have returned her to the Hamptons. I expect we will hear more on this in the coming day(s).

All is well in Meadows Place. We are healthy and happy. Allison is having a ball in her new job and doing extremely well. She has the perfect demeanor for sales, confidence and personable. She got that from her mother, most certainly! šŸ™‚

Hope this message finds you doing well and happy!




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