Covered up in the bed asleep

Missed sending an update last week as Katherine and I were in MS visiting her Mama, who has been battling some health issues. Am late sending an update this week due to work.

Katherine and I saw Mama when on our return and had a nice visit. Yesterday when I stopped by I was unable to get her interested in visiting. Bummer for sure.

The room was not lit, the curtain was drawn, the A/C was blowing cool, and Mama was covered up in the bed asleep. It looked/felt so inviting I felt a nap for me was likely in order as well, but I did not climb in.

After a few attempts between visiting with some staff about Mama’s day, I gave up. All I could get was growling comments that sounded like 2Daddy on a bad day. Oh the coarseness of it all! 🙂

Jan reports that Mama is likely headed back to The Hamptons on Monday. Here is an excerpt from Jan’s update:

I talked to Jan, the occupational therapist. Some good days; some not. She commented on what a negative day Tuesday was. They don’t feel like they are making progress, not because she can’t, but because she won’t. She said that her physical therapy would end on Monday, and that she would probably be discharged. I also talked to her RN, Aline, who said that the doctor would have to sign discharge papers, and that she knew of no medical reason to keep her there.

Hope this message finds you all doing extraordinarily well!




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