Back to her pre-fall mental state

On Sunday we found Mama sitting in a wheel chair amongst other residents in a common visitors room. Once we had her attention, she was happy to see us and was again easy to laugh. We had a very pleasant visit and Mama seemed to be back to her pre-fall mental state.

Her leg appeared to still be a bit swollen but she did not appear to be in pain.

We had fun retelling stories of how Katherine and I met and the mighty struggle I put up to spit the hook Katherine so cleverly lured me into swallowing. Having Katherine present made the retelling of this story fresh, though she of course gave no indication of having ever heard it. Still it was fun and seemed to brighten her day.

Never was a fish more lucky for having been landed than me. Fileted and served on the table of unending devotion to a love I do not merit. Praise God from Whom all Blessings flow!

Hope this message finds you doing extraordinarily well!



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