Tousled headedness is cute in a waking kid, but …

Found Mama, as always, sleeping. She is no longer responsive to my incessant knocking while entering the room and for her to be responsive requires physical and/or verbal interaction. Once oriented, she is engaging and seemingly happy.

Her appearance however is awful. While tousled headedness is cute in a waking kid, it is less so in the elderly. Also, her teeth are just awful and now the gums appear … pasty. Like they are building up plaque on them.

I asked DyAnne Wilson about this and she ran behind her apparent role as an administrator, vs. a care giver, and said, “Yes, they should be brushing her teeth every day.” DyAnne took this opportunity to relate to me that Mama continues to complain about pain associated with her hemorrhoids. I asked if the hemorrhoid treatment continues and she similarly dodged an answer.

DyAnne mentioned the visiting dentist but was not able to tell me if Mama has been, or is currently, scheduled to see him. She will check and let me know.

Can anyone in this email tell me what has been done dental wise?

I remember some months ago a medical update on her teeth indicating that the blackening was an expected development for the elderly. Well, she is elderly and she definitely has blackening teeth. I think some may have fallen out. 😦

Story time continues as fun as ever. She takes particular delight when Katherine gives me what for in response to some insensitive behavior on my part. Fortunately for me the source of such circumstance is rich with examples, being infamously a Pylant man who’re known for such. Less fortunate for Katherine! 🙂

Hope that everyone is doing well. Katherine, Allison and I are doing great!




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