Wakes in good spirits and smiling

Mama remains a bit hard to stir and is groggy at first but wakes in good spirits and smiling.

Mama says …

“You are so good looking!”

“All the girls tell me that.”


“Yep, it’s gotten me in trouble my whole dang life! Never could say “No” to one of them. Then I met my wife and the game was over. She slipped in and stole my heart whilst I wasn’t even looking!”

“You’re bad.”

“I know, that’s what makes me so dang good!”

Ha, ha, ha, ha! We had a good laugh. I say the darndest things and she thinks I am funny as heck.

Next, as I was taken by the blueness of her eyes, I told her how blue they looked and how pretty she was looking. She went all shy and girly on me. Sweetest thing I’ve seen since my darlin’s face this morning as I sent her off to work! Aye God but I am blessed and highly favored!

Keep the hatches battened down … we got a squall comin’ on us quick like!




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