Two little boys terrorized by three older (mean) sisters

I’ve been regaling Mama with stories about me.  She is so easily entertained and, as you all know, I love writing and talking about me.  Don’t we all?  🙂

I fill time telling stories about how two little boys were terrorized by their three older (mean) sisters and how the sisters told nightmare inducing scary stories, paid the boys a pittance for doing their chores, making them watch “The Twilight Zone”, etc.  She laughed ’til she cried! 

Next I talked about me as a stutterer when I was little and how as an adult I had come to appreciate the challenge I was to my oral audience.  I shared that I believe my father’s frustration in not being able to “help” me with my stutter angered him, complicated our relationship, and elevated the “discipline he meted out to me.  Woe was me!  To be the root cause of your own injustice!  Bedeviling thinking to be sure.  She replied in context with attempts to sooth my turmoil. 

My point with the paragraph above is to highlight that Mama, though she may seem addled when discussing things I think she “should” know about and doesn’t, can still process very complex dialog and respond appropriately.  This is why I try not to engage her verbally as mother/son. 

I don’t suppose she remembers our previous visits any more than she does our previous 61 years together, but it seems that way at times.  Either way, our visits are fun and she doesn’t cry when I leave.  I’ll take that all day.

We all are doing great here on Blair Meadow Dr.  All are working (yea/congrats Allison!!!) and are relatively healthy.  One of us is feeling his age and its accompanying/sucky aches and pains.  (WTF !!!???)

Hope this find you all doing extraordinarily well!  Especially Linda and Sharron, who I hope continue mending well.

Love to all



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