Mama is too cute!

Mama is too cute! 

Mama is the perfect audience because you can run the same act by her multiple times during the same visit and get a fresh reaction each time!  I am thinking I might take my act on the road and make a mint. πŸ™‚

Seriously, she remains easy to laugh and smile.  I do indeed repeat many of the same stories and affections because they make her happy.  This is my goal in each visit and, as Katherine may attest, I am wildly successful! 

Mama has a fair amount of anger and sadness that comes through when she gets overly emotional and I suspect it is an organic mental manifestation triggered by the confusion that must exist in her mind.  The fact she can be so easily steered away from these emotions I think supports my guess here.

Another observation that supports this … when I leave I prepare her in advance and tell her to not be sad and to think about when I will next see her.  I tell her to be happy, and she does! This works well enough for the actual parting, which is good for me, but often I hear her sad sounds before I am well away down the hall.  However, my last departure was different.  I heard her say something like … “Oh God, what a good day.” … or something akin to this.  My heart was especially gladdened and I felt a little … selfish maybe?  Feelings can be so confounding!

Appears I am renowned for my candy bribes.  The attention feels so good I am considering adding a cash bribe to select staff.  My loving wife, and the “poor ways” life has imposed on her, may dissuade me from this course of action.  (I must confess, we duel often about such things but have only rubber swords which are dulled by a deep abiding love, one for the other.  Ain’t life grand?  Evidenced by the fact that a no-gooder like me, who was so careless with love in my youth, might be rewarded with such in later life?  Blessed be the Lord, from Whom all Blessing flow!)

Gosh, I got a bit long winded there, huh?. πŸ™‚




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