Bribery campaign continues unabated …

Mama continues about the same, easy to laugh and feeling fine.

My bribery campaign continues unabated and the staff obviously appreciate
the goodies. Whether it results in special attention being given to Mama is
dubious, but it makes me feel better either way.

Having said that … my … attitude towards and feelings for … yeah, I
think that’s how I will express this … are in fact changing. My emotional
frustrations when visiting Mama are at least muted these days and I leave my
visits with a less heavy heart.

OK … so this was more of an update on me, than on Mama. šŸ™‚
Wish I had something more substantive to report. Sorry to be so miserly in
my updates.


BTW … I am happy for folks to address me as “Wint” but my (relatively) new
signature is not a call for this. It is simply me paying homage to myself
and forgiving myself.


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