“My Baby Boy Winston”

I don’t always update seeing Mama, but this morning was too special for me not to update you.

Things started per usual but when I turned to fetch a wheel chair, a new staff person, Debbie, was approaching me. She asked, “Are you Winston?” I of course said, “Yes I am.” Longer story shorter, she proceeds to tell me that over the week since she has been at OPC, on numerous occasions, whilst Mama is holding that baby doll I don’t care for, she would tell Debbie, “This is my baby boy Winston.” I said, “You’re shittin’ me!” She not only stood by it, but reiterated it and says she hears it a lot. Well, I most closely went to cryin, but was able to stall ’til my manly bona fides kicked in.

After all that, Mama stayed alert the entire visit and seemed to follow my accounting of the Trump Presidency with some interest. She seemed not to be troubled by the accounting, though it was told with a fair amount of trepidation.

Hope all is well with you. We are fine.


P.S. I just finished rereading “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”, resulting in some huckleberryish affecting in my speech and writing.


Another great visit!

Had another great visit with Mama this week. We sat again outside on a beautiful morning and she was again very alert and engaging. Unfortunately, my previous visit was not so. At that time Mama was virtually unresponsive. I neither keep nor share videos from this type Visit.

You can check out this week’s video here: https://vimeo.com/217298998

When the lights go out …

I caught Mama in the toilet and had to wait for her return to her chair, as can be seen in the video below.

This visit has provided a hazy insight into what may be going on for Mama during some of my visits with her. When the lights go out, so to speak, for Mama … when she becomes unfocussed and unresponsive, though still quite awake, I believe she is suffering from sensory overload. That is what seemed to have happened after the camera stopped rolling.

Once I sat down and started our visit, though I still had her attention, she would not respond to any of my attempts to stimulate her. She simply stared at me. Over the last some months, there has bene a marked increase in this behavior.

Thinking about her activities just prior to my arrival, the toilet visit accompanied by the two staff seen in the video, during which I suspect they were as gentle as could be, was likely quite brusque and unsettling for Mama.

As I told stories and gave updates on my life, Mama simply faded and eventually closed her eyes, apparently falling asleep. I suspect she was still very much still awake but receded into herself and her confused mind.

While this was not particularly satisfying visit, it does provide evidence that Mama is healthy, if not all together whole.

You can check out this week’s video here: 2017_04_07_Dolores_02


Mama is a trip …

Mama was having nothing to do with opening her eyes today. A few times I thought I’d just leave, but when I asked if she would like to hear another story, she nodded her head “yes”. So, I didn’t. Leave that is.

She only once opened her eyes a bit, early on when I pushed her to.

I rattled on a good while entertaining myself, as Mrs. Othello was apparently sound asleep this week! πŸ˜‰

You can check out this week’s video here: 2017 03 17 Dolores https://vimeo.com/208878054